Top 12 Best VPN for Android Phones


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN FOR ANDROID creates an encrypted connection over less secure networks. The importance of using a VPN FOR ANDROID is to protect from hackers. It is also used to access the websites which are regionally restricted. Using this application, no one knows your actives. The virtual private network hides your IP address to protect from hackers. You can also unblock the sites that had blocked regionally or offices and schools. Most of the corporations use VPN servers to protect the data.

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List of best VPN for Android

Here are the list of VPN FOR ANDROID apps and a summary of each app. Even you can get them one your mobile with one click. I have mentioned download link to make things easy and straightforward. Choose the best you want, but every application almost performs the same. The price of the app may vary so make sure to check the in-app purchase costs.

1. ExpressVPN for Android

The ExpressVPN for Android is not a free application, but it’s worth buying. You get to install this app from Google play store for FREE, but you have to pay for advanced features. It gives secure connection over wifi and the internet. It also provides a fast and encrypted connection for smartphones and tablets. The major role of the VPN app for Android is you can change IP address of your mobile or tablet. You can change the IP addresses to any of 97+ different locations in 78 countries around the world. I know this sounds crazy, but it does, you can change IP address of your device to stay protected.

2. ZPN Connect

ZPN connects for all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Using this application, you can unblock apps like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If socials sites blocked at your office or school, you could unblock them using ZPN connect. Hide your IP address using this application. By hiding IP address, the online activities unable to track by your school, Company or any other officials.

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Wifi hotspot security is the feature that keeps your network connection safe and secure. Encrypted VPN hides network activities from hackers and other wifi connections. You can get this app on Google Play store for FREE, but there will be an in-app purchase facility you can use it for advanced features.

3. DroidVPN for Android

DroidVPN is also the same as above mentioned; it is the user-friendly app as well. By using this application, you can unblock the websites and apps at the office or school. You can access to any of the sites that blocked by the school or college management. One thing to keep in mind that, if the app is not working after any updates. Then restart the device to bring back to normal functioning. Even this application has in-app purchase, and if you use the free version of VPN app, then functions are limited. The free account allows you to use 100MB/day. You can only login to free servers. For using unlimited data, the subscription is required. Check the link down to download now.

4. OpenVPN for Android

OpenVPN is software that connects to the OpenVPN servers. You don’t get any free data with OpenVPN. This application has a feature to import images and videos from SD card and internal memory. OpenVPN is one of the best applications if you are looking for VPN apps for Android.

5. VYPR VPN for Android

The one good news is you can get 500MB of data for downloading and creating the free account. The free account of VYPR VPN includes two virtual private connections at same time. It includes VYPR DNS and chameleon masks VPN traffic. This app also functions the same in encryption of internet connection.

6. Free & Premium VPN for Android

With the above information measure limits and many world servers, Free and Premium VPN (Formerly grasp as oscine bird VPN) could be a nice choice to opt for because of the humanoid VPN service. A free account is jam-choked with the three GB of monthly information measure, and it’s for your precious life. If you upgraded, you’d be benefited with twenty-five GB information measure in professional arrange and Premier arrange has unlimited bandwidths.

7. Hideman Free VPN FOR ANDROID

You can consider this application and straightforward and secure one. Interaction with this app is very less in the free version. Hardly can you access two options. But still, Hideman free VPN hides your IP address. You can browse anything you want Hideman helps you out n not leaving any footprint. It is a very safe and secure connection application to use.

8. Hotspot Shield

The hotspot shield is an open-source program. It is high performing well in the US and provides high-speed internet connection. Using this VPN for Android, you can unblock the websites and get full access. To protect wifi, you must have this app on your device. By the way, you are not allowed to switch to any of the servers outside the USA.

9. Rocket VPN for Android

The Rocket VPN is a popular application regarding VPN secure connections. It perfumes well and provides high-speed data. To know more about this

10. Flash VPN

Just with one click connect to the faster VPN server. You find VPN servers in multi-locations like United Sates, England, and Japan. Using flash VPN unblock the sites which are geographically restricted. There is no limit of time for using the flash VPN app. Stay protected in the hands of secure VPN encryption.

11. Fast Secure VPN

Fast Secure VPN servers are located in US, UK, Japan, China, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Romania, Brazil, Switzerland, Iceland, Czech, and more countries and areas. If you leave in any of these countries or travel around then just go with this application.

12. F-Secure Freedom

The feature is digital privacy, wifi security, No geo-blocks, app security and more. It is one of the VPN apps fro android mobile. Every VPN has the same features but different in offers and servers. If you want to know more, just visit the official site of it. For downloading, the app checks out the link below the image.

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