The 2 Amazing Things Our Smartphones May Be Able to Do in Future


The process of phone evolution looks incredible. Think about it—just a hundred years ago, all you could do with your phone was connect with an operator and ask them to connect you with the person or organization you were calling in the first place. And even this was possible only if you were lucky and rich enough to even have a phone in your house. In the middle of the 20th century, phones became more common, and you could finally call anyone you wanted without speaking to the operator. But the idea of a mobile phone or a video call still sounded unreal and appeared only in the sci-fi books.

In the 2000s, the biggest dreams of sci-fi writers finally started to become real. The progress of phone technology was unbelievable—just in a few years, we went from huge cell phones to tiniest mobile phones and the very first smartphones. Today, you can use your cell phone instead of a number of specific gadgets like laptop, camera, notebook, and, of course, a phone itself. But did you ever think about what you would possibly be able to do with your smartphone in five or ten years? What features will it get and what tasks will it help you accomplish? TechDailyTimes will tell you about four amazing features your smartphone may get soon.

Intelligent protection

Smartphones have already got some capability to protect your personal data from other people. You can use PIN codes, passwords, fingertips, voice recognition technology, and other features to make it impossible for someone else to use your phone without your permission.

It would be great if your phone could recognize a number of your personal characteristics to authorize you as its owner. Along with voice recognition and fingertips scanning technologies that some gadgets are using already, smartphones may analyze your face, or pattern of typing, or even your walk. So, we hope that in several years, it will be impossible for anyone to get access to your personal data using your mobile phone.

Better assistance

Today, your smartphone may be a perfect assistant for you, especially when it comes to working with your schedule, making notes or to-do lists. But there are still so many tasks you need to accomplish every day that you may need some more help from your smartphone.

Would it not be great if your smartphone was able to confirm every meeting in your daily schedule, notify you about the events you may want to attend or about the upcoming arrival of someone you have not seen for years.

Those who want to make their lives a bit healthier may need some help with planning their purchases, choosing a perfect workout, or counting calories in their meal. Today, we have tons of various apps that may help you live a better and healthier life, but you still need to pick a certain meal or product and enter its amount in order to find out how many calories it has. How much easier would it be if you could just take a picture of your plate and get all the information you need?

Some of these tasks may be accomplished thanks to the improved scanning technology while other inventions need a higher level of data analyzing. And all these improvements may be made in the near future.

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