9 Best Clash Royale Battle Tips


Clash Royale Tips

Some of these tips you may know, some of them you may don’t know.

1 – Baby Dragon + Hog Rider Pull = Use Hog Rider to pull the Baby Dragon and distract the baby dragon and your archer tower will take damage to Baby Dragon. This lets you attack the other side.

2 – Hog Rider Target the Tower = If you saw the building in the middle you expect  Hog Rider will go in this building. But, there is a trick to direct the Hog Rider to go direct to his Tower. What you have to do is to drag the Hog Rider and next to him drag another troop and Then deploy them together. This trick Makes your hog rider jump over the side of the bridge and goes direct to the Tower. This trick works with all troops.

3 – Building re_targeting = You Maybe Hate when the Giant, Golem or Prince locks onto your Arena Tower. By placing Cannon, Hidden Tesla, Inferno Tower in front of your Tower you can push the Giant, Golem or Prince away of your tower.

4 – Reset X-bow/Mortar and Freeze/ZAP = You can use the Freeze or ZAP Spell to reset the target of X-Bow or Mortar. EXAMPLE: X-Bow had target your Tower and when you use ZAP on his x-Bowand place, one troop, in front of your tower the xbow will target your troop, not your tower.

5 – Goblin Barrel  = If your opponent keeps using Fireball, ZAP or Arrows to kill your Goblin Barrel then place Goblin Barrel away from your tower to avoid the area damage.

6 – Chain Pull = Chain pull Strategy can be used to pull troops to the opposite lane as well as distract them. This technique can be used with both Buildings or Troops.

7 – Fast troop pushing slow = Use fast troops to push slow troops.

8 – Elixir Advantage = Always Use Elixir Pump to get an elixir advantage and you will win the game. Because with Elixir Pump you will get 1 elixir for around to 9.8 sec and you can distract opponent troops.

9 – Update Cards = Update only cards you use don’t lose gold with updating cards you don’t use.

These are 9 best Clash Royale Battle Tips. If you like these then please share this article. If you think there is an error in this article then comment below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.


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