10 Surprising Facts About Fidget Spinner You Should Know

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Fidget spinner is a small toy becoming popular among the children very fast. It has been able to get a significant place in the social media platforms. You must have seen child gripping that small piece of plastic toy spinning it. No doubt this toy is the most popular and stylized toy. It has become a must own toy for all the kids around the world. In no time it has also become a favorite among the adults too. Love them or hate them it is one undeniable popular object that everyone wants to have. Some facts that we did not know about this trending spinner are-

1. Invention

The fidget spinner was invented by a chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger. She wanted to devise a toy that could distract the children to provide them stress relief. Her daughter was suffering from an autoimmune disorder which resulted in weekend muscles. The spinner activity done by her daughter would help her also with muscles. Her daughter’s illness and the thought of diverting the kids from destructive activities led her to invent the fidget spinner back in the 90’s.

2. Patent Problem

Hettinger did not have the money to pay for the annual patent. So she could not patent the fidget spinner in her name. Now other companies are free to produce and sell the product as they want to. She cannot make profits out of the spinner but she is happy that it is being popular all over the world. Maintaining a positive attitude she knows the difficulties of being an inventor. If Catherine would have paid $400 she would be worth a million dollars in the midst of the fastest moving trend of the toy industry.

3. The Purpose of the Toy

The toy was actually invented to comfort children dealing with anxiety, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity. When Catherine lost the patent she distributed the fidget spinner at art fairs. Then small manufacturers started producing the spinners mainly as a tool for children to provide therapeutic stress relief and strengthen the user’s concentration and focus levels. Then back it was considered more of a healing tool than a toy.

4. Modern Use

Initially a tool to de-stress kids has now become a must-have toy for kids to the extent that some schools are banning the use of fidget spinner because it has become a potential destruction and is interfering with the successful learning of the children.
The Forbes announced that the spinners are the “must have office toy for 2017” and the sales rose to the highest. Originally made for children, then for executives and back to children for different reasons the fidget spinner has catered to every generation of people around the globe.

5. Price

Fidget spinner is the most searched toy on different online shopping websites. It may cost from $2 roaring up to $460. The price depends on the models and corresponding capabilities. Online videos also available to teach tricks and demonstrations of fidget spinner. Depending on your craze for fidget spinner you can decide on how much to spend to buy one.

6. Celebrity Movement

From April 2017 to now, there are many celebrities that have been associated with the fidget spinner differently. Faces of the celebrities on the spinner are customized for fans, are making unbelievable profits. The designs and shapes fluctuate and indirect result of lack of patent and consequent creative restrictions.

7. Social Media Effects

Fidget spinner has been more popularly searched than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian searches combined this year. The fidget spinners are being advertised and promoted online. Facebook has a page called Spin Space where the fidget spinner fans showcase their successful collections, tricks and fidget endeavors. It is also observed on Twitter. But it has been mocked and many memes and trolls have been published in sarcasm. Not only among people the little toy is everywhere on the net.

8. Physics of the Toy

The main ingredient of this toy is the use of the ball bearing which reduces the friction and allows the toy to rotate for a long time. The force should be applied on the edge of the device for it to spin. The fidget spinner requires a big amount of physics to ensure gyration. Averagely it rotates continuously for 104 seconds without stopping.

9. Spinner Variations

The spinner has its own unique qualities and traits including different sizes, colors and features the most popular is the three-legged- snowflake-shaped toy. It also comes in other varied designs. High-end spinners also have Bluetooth connectivity with LED lights and integrated speakers. Fidgeting experience can be heightened by listening to favorite music and watching the lights rotating with the melody.

10. Spinner Dangers

As the spinners are available in advance technological features, they come along with many complications also. The chargeable spinners can catch fire or they may melt due to fluctuation of temperature. Lack of safety regulations increases the risk for users worldwide. It is also being banned by schools because of the risk-bearing factors of the spinner.

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What started as a single plastic device has transformed into an electronic gadget. Its use varying from de-stressing children to the enjoyment. This spinner toy has come a long way and is making history by topping the charts and being a favorite.


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